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Lipoic Acid

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Alpha Lipoic Acid is a vitamin like chemical that is made in the body and is called an antioxidant.  It is both fat and water soluble so it can work throughout the entire body.  It is found in every cell in the body!  (This makes it different from other antioxidants which are usually either fat soluble or water soluble, but not both.)  It has been suggested that Alpha Lipoic Acid may promote antioxidant support.***  This means that Alpha Lipoic Acid may also support normal and healthy aging.***

Alpha Lipoic Acid also naturally occurs in in yeast, liver, spinach, broccoli & potatoes.

It helps assist in preventing certain kinds of cell damage in the body and restores vitamin levels.*** It is used in the body to break down carbohydrates (glucose) into energy  for other organs in the body.  This means that it helps produce useable energy for the body from food.*** Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements may also support normal sugar metabolism***.

Because Alpha Lipoic Acid can work throughout the entire body it can easily pass into the brain.  Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements support normal brain and nervous system health***. 

Important: Do not confuse Alpha Lipoic Acid with the omega fatty 3 acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid found in Flax Oil.  They are not the same thing!

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily. 

Other Ingredients: magnesium stearate, rice flour, gelatin (capsule shell) 
† % Daily Recommended Value (DVR) not established. (See Label)
*Results May Vary From Person To Person

Consult your physician if pregnant, lactating, ill or on medications.
Do not exceed recommended dosage.  Store in a dry, cool place.

Those using medications for diabetes, chemotherapy medications, thyroid medications such as Levothyroxine, and those who do not get enough Thiamine (Vitamin B1) should not take Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Other Names
A-Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Thioctic Acid

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