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What Are the Benefits of Natural Health Products?

Posted by James Whitley on

It’s a fact that the skin is your body’s largest organ. It is also the most vulnerable to damage since it covers us from head to toe. Daily we are bombarded by a host of things that damage this fragile vessel such as the sun’s harmful rays, smoke, soot and other pollutants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 83 million tons of pollution was emitted into the air in the United States in 2012. But this constant assault to this organ doesn’t just come from the environment; it also comes from many of the chemicals we use in order to protect, rejuvenate and cleanse our skin. For example, Hydroquinone is a skin lightener that is suspected of not only being a carcinogen, but also of weakening the elastin and collagen in your skin. Methylisothiazolinone, as another example, is a chemical that is often found in moisturizers. It has neurotoxic properties. This list goes on and on from there. The lesson here is that the skin is under enough of an assault from pollutants and the chemicals we add to our “skin care” products. So why increase the assault on your skin by using these artificial ingredients? Why not go all natural and protect your skin in a way only certain products can? WE042129 We have vitamins and minerals as well as natural skin care products formulated to negate the negative effects these harmful properties have on the skin and the body over all. Our 1% α-Arbutin Cream, for example, contains none of these harmful, artificial ingredients. It is made with natural 1% Alpha Arbutin and 600,000 I.U of Retinol-A to protect the skin. Our DHEA therapy cream moisturizer is made with 1% DHEA per jar and 600,000 I.U. of Retinol-A. Our natural deodorants don’t contain any of the traditional, harmful chemicals found in leading deodorant makers such as aluminum, preservatives and artificial colors. Finally,  In short, while we cannot manage all of the artificial factors from affecting our skin and our overall health, there are alternatives out there to using some of these toxins. There are natural ways to support our skin and our overall health. Cape Fear Naturals provides you with many of these healthy options. So, why not go all natural?

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