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6 Essential Skin Care Tips for Teens

Posted by James Whitley on

It's all a part of being a teenager as anyone who is or has ever been one knows - oily, difficult to manage skin. Because hormonal changes and diet both conspire to make skincare a top concern for teens, we present these top skin tips:

  • Clean your skin carefully and often: Teens - including boys - should clean their skin at least twice a day as oil and dirt get clogged in the pores leading to black heads, pimples etc. This is especially important if you are a teen who engages in sports as you are likely to sweat more often. Finally, carry tissues to blot your skin when it becomes oily
  • Watch what you eat: Acne, pimples and other hormone related issues are exacerbated by poor diet. As a teen you should avoid indulging in greasy junk food and instead opt for fresh fruits and vegetable for snacks. Also, be sure to stay hydrated as water helps to keep the skin supple and elastic.
  • Use sun block: Being a teen does not make you immune from the UV rays of the sun. Find out what UV level is appropriate for your skin and use sunscreen to protect yourself.
  • Don't pop pimples: It may be tempting to do so but you should avoid popping those pimples. Doing so damages the skin, and can cause dark spots and acne scarring. If you feel you must pop a pimple, then have a dermatologist do it for you or instruct you on how to do it safely yourself.
  • See a dermatologist (or your primary care physician): Every teen that has problem skin should have a dermatologist they can visit. They will be able to explain why and how your skin is the way it is and can recommend the best treatment for conditions such as acne, pimple, etc.
  • Use natural skin care products: Some mass manufactured skin care can actually have the opposite effect of protecting your skin against the many enemies that it faces e.g., sun, hormones, poor diet, etc. Natural skin care products uses ingredients that are already known to be safe.

Proper skin care does not take a lot of time or money. You can do so quickly and easily using common sense, the guidance of your dermatologist and with our natural skin care products such as our Kojic Acid Cream. Just remember to stay consistent with whatever treatment you use to combat the age old problem of teenage skin care.

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