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Lighten Age Spots and Freckles with Kojic Acid Cream

Posted by James Whitley on

One of the signs of healthy looking skin is an even skin tone. Some people have freckles, over-pigmented skin or age spots that mask how healthy they actually are. For those people, there is an assortment of creams designed to lighten the skin and produce a more uniform and healthy appearing tone.kojic-acid-cream-jar_2

A common ingredient in many face-lightening creams is a substance called Kojic Acid. Derived from the residue of fermented Japanese rice wine, Kojic Acid has been demonstrated to have the same skin whitening effect of Hydroquinone – which has been banned in some countries due to its suspected link with cancer – without its harmful side effects. Application Kojic Acid has been demonstrated to be most effective when applied to the face over several weeks or months according to the Mayo Clinic. When using Kojic Acid, the face should first be washed thoroughly with a mild soap. You should then dry the face completely before applying Kojic Acid Cream. The cream should be applied lightly to the areas of the face you wish to treat (spots, acne, etc.) Alternatively, users can use Kojic Acid soap by washing the skin with it and leaving it on for approx 20 seconds before drying the face. Because it is a natural compound, Kojic acid cream is safe for daily use. How Does Kojic Acid Cream Work? Kojic acid products, such as those sold by Cape Fear Naturals, work by penetrating the skin at the cellular level and inhibiting the production of melanin. Melanin is a dark brown to black pigment that occurs, among other places, in the skin of people and animals. Unfortunately, Kojic acid cannot permanently inhibit the production of melanin in the skin so it must be applied repeatedly or melanin production will resume. Advantages of Kojic Acid The main advantage Kojic Acid has over other skin whiteners is that it is a natural skin care product. Many leading skin whiteners contain artificial ingredients – such as mercury and Hydroquinone – that can not only rob the skin of its moisture but can actually damage the skin beyond repair. Kojic acid is the safe alternative. It should be noted that skin treated with Kojic Acid Cream should be protected between applications with sun block or lotion. Before going straight to the Kojic Acid Cream, it is advisable to check with a doctor for skin spots that you are concerned about. Kojic Acid is just one of many natural health products that we carry here at Cape Fear Naturals. Our customers appreciate our concern for their appearance and health as we seek to educate and enlighten them about the newest natural beauty and health products.

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