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Why Opt for Natural Skin Care Products Rather Than Cosmetics?

Posted by James Whitley on

Almost every one of us uses skin care products on a regular basis. Whether they are cosmetic or natural, more than 60% of the product we put on our skin ends up being absorbed in our body. For natural skin care products, it’s okay to be absorbed by our body, but what about the cosmetics with harmful artificial skin care ingredients?  

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Cosmetics place an unnecessary burden on our body’s detoxification process and the chemicals used in them remain in the body for several months or even years before they completely eliminated.

Natural skin care products and ingredients are a much safer alternative than cosmetics. Nearly 90% of the cosmetics and skin care ingredients listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration haven’t been evaluated for safety. The complex chemicals used on them leads to potential unknown side effects and even for serious life-threatening health issues. They even have increased cancer risks.

What can you expect from natural skin care products?

  • Contains no harmful irritants, chemicals or preservatives.
  • No use of synthetic fertilizers
  • Completely hypo-allergenic
  • Formulated only with organic and natural ingredients
  • Never tested on animals and GMO-free
  • Environment-friendly 

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It’s time to try natural for your skin. At Cape Fear Naturals, it’s our mission to provide natural skin care alternatives to promote good health, free from harmful cosmetics and chemicals. We are providing 100% natural skin care products for your healthy, smooth and beautiful skin. All our skin care products are clinically-proven and FDA approved. Browse our online store today to purchase quality skincare products at reasonable prices for guaranteed and ever-lasting results. We guarantee our quality, because we sell only the best.

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